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Harpers Nursery & Forest School Blunham

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Parent Partnership

Partnership with Parents/Carers is so important

Each child and family has their own key person and this fosters continuity.  As a parent/carer this reassures you that your key person knows your child is unique and everyday is different as feelings and daily life change so awareness is vital to ensure stability, security and the enjoyment of learning. Linking home to nursery learning broadens children's own interests and builds on their existing knowledge which fosters their self esteem and self worth.


Our partnership with parents/carers is vitally important for continuity of care of the children. The importance of this means that personal needs can be met and this promotes an extension of knowledge and understanding on an individual level.


Parent's evenings are organised for one to one discussions with your key person so you can discuss your child's

well-being, learning and development and their next steps to ensure they reach their full potential. We offer a lending library for parents and carers so you can borrow from our large selection of books, educational literature and monthly magazine subscriptions to Nursery World and Child Education.


As your childs first educator you know your child best. Working together is partnership therefore is essential for childrens

well-being, growth and development.

From experience, the social events that we organise where you can meet other parents/carers are enjoyed as whole family events and parent/carer only evenings too. We arrange an annual 'Day at Harpers' DVD evening for you to come along and view a whole day at nursery watching the variety of activities and experiences that your child has enjoyed.


A parents/carers information board is situated in the entrance hall and this along with daily feedback, regular newsletters and e-mails will help you keep up to date with nursery activities.


'Play and stay' sessions are organised so parents/carers and grand-parents can play an active part in childrens learning.


We hope to promote a sense of belonging to you as a family.

All children have an 'All about me' book full of photos about their life outside of nursery so linking home and nursery is promoted and knowledge built upon.


Remember the welfare of your child is paramount.