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Harpers Nursery & Forest School Blunham

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3 - 5 years


Staff ratio: 1:8


All children are valued, listened to and respected. Adult led and child initiated activities ensure teaching is holisitc and meets the individual needs of all children.


Literacy is promoted with the free access to a variety of mark making resources, pens, pencils, chalks etc. Enjoyment of books is encouraged and the children are provided with a book bag so they have the independence to choose a book to take home, which can then be shared with the family. Daily stories and action rhymes bring learning to life so the children gain a physical understanding of language and new vocabulary. Gardening and growing vegetables and plants and caring for the nursery pets fosters care and develops understanding of the needs of living things.


An assessment folder is kept on each child in which we keep records of achievements, goals that we are working towards, examples of work, observations from all staff members and from parent/carers and photographs.


Mathematical skills are developed through group activities involving problem solving, jigsaw puzzles, quantity and conservation through sand and water, weighing and table games. Expressive arts and design are encouraged through role play, craft, working with dough, clay, woodwork and cookery. The enjoyment of music is promoted through singing, music and movement, percussion, making their own instruments and listening to a variety of music. ICT skills are developed through use of the computer, taking of their own photographs and the use of remote controlled resources plus cause and effect items.


We support our local community through fund raising and taking part in village events.  Parents/carers, sibling snad grandparents can all take part and this supports childrens learning and our partnership with families.


Understanding of the world through a variety of topic work provides an opportunity to investigate many different subjects, festivals and celebrations throughout the year and encourages the acquisition of a vast range of general knowledge thus fulfilling many of the skills outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.


Forest School Group

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